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Frivolous Fun with Find Out Cards

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A good little game I've been using as a 'get to know you' activity is 'find out'. The game is not new but translates well to the classroom.
Write directions on cards such as: 'Find out the name of your partner's 1st Grade teacher.' The students then have to try to elict the information from their partners without asking them directly. This is done by provoking a conversation where the answer comes out 'naturally'. I've been using this in private courses but the idea could be easily adapted to the classroom. Split the class into two teams which then decide collectively on how to elict the response from the other team.
Most of the students I've been using it with (upper intermediate to advanced) enjoy the game because they find it challenging to think of different words and structures to those that are immediately obvious - and it usually generates a few laughs along the way!

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