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Here's a great icebreaker game and can be used for classrooms or for private tutoring! I always take a couple of lessons to get to know the students, and this one can last all year long if you like!
All you need is a deck of cards - and to make A LOT of questions, but once you have made these questions, keep them so you don't have to write them again.
For each suit, choose a verb tense or subject. Then for each card, ask a question related to the tense or subject.
The students flip the card and can either ask you that question or read the question and answer it themselves.
I find this works the best if you ask some really original questions, that way they never know what they will be asked! This has never failed for me and can start some really interesting conversation! You don't have to use them all at once, you can save questions for lessons later on!

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