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I saw a thief!

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Level: Lower-intermediate
Time: 20-25 minutes

This is a lesson on describing appearances. And it even works well in classes of 60!

1. First I teach/ revise vocab: parts of the body, hair colour, eye colour, clothes etc. I add distinguishing features for fun: scars, tattoos, earrings, limp...

2. Next, I explain the job of Police Artist - this person creates a drawing from a witness's description.

3. Then, I ask the class to form pairs. Student A is the Police Artist, Student B is the witness. I tell all the witnesses they have just seen a thief rob the bank! They must describe the person to the artist, who draws the picture.

4. Finally, I ask artists to hold up their pictures and describe the thief to the class.

*Another idea is to call an artist to the blackboard. Different students can add to the description as the artist draws. My classes loved this!

Have fun!
Denise, Shanghai

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