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This works best with large groups:

Start the group in a large circle while explaining the game.
Tell them that they must find others within the group which share their similarity. For example:
How many kids are in your family, including yourself?
(it is important to be specific or confusion will ensue!)
Initially they will wander around, looking for someone yelling out "2!" but eventually, it turns to a loud calling for "who else has 2 kids in their family?" It helps when the facilitator can start yelling "i have four kids in my family, who else does?" while holding up four fingers.

I like this game especially because once they found their group, they feel a sense of belonging... everyone else in their association group has something in common.

Continue the game by having them intoduce themself to that group and explain something about the association... example: where in the birth order are you? for those who have no siblings, what is the best thing about being the only child? etc...

continue with: how many pets? (then-- what kind) favorite color? (then-- why?) month of birthday? (what date?)

It is important for the facilitator to watch for those who might not have a group. Either locate their group, or extend a group to include that person. For example, if they have 9 kids in their family, perhaps make the group of those with 6 kids in their family be "6 kids or more".

Have fun, be silly!

St. Paul, Minnesota

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