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Stop cutting up bits of paper right now!

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Stop it, stop it, stop it! You're wasting your time and killing the trees! Stop it right now...and here's how.

Whatever you were going to give your students on those pieces of paper, they can write/ draw/ create for themselves. And that input that have made means they get more involved in the game.Examples...

'Where can I..?' in Elem. Communication Games involves giving the students pictures of shops etc. to play 20 questions. Just brainstorm these places onto the board, add a few they didn't know and let them choose them themselves.

Get students to create their own role play cards. For complaints, pass round pieces of paper and get successive students to write down who is complaining, what about, and what action they want. The resulting roleplays will be much funnier than anything you could possibly come up with for yourself.

There are hundreds of other examples once you think of it. If you come up with any others, please let me know

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