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Revised Drawing Game

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I don't know if this game has been mentioned yet, but I find it to work effectively with my Korean students.
First, I divide the class into two teams and I draw a line down the center of the board. I have a student from each team come to me and I secretly show them a picture. These two students then go to the board and after I count to 3, they draw the picture as fast as they can. The first team to guess the picture gets a point. Then I choose two different students to draw. The team with the most points wins! This game is obviously very similar to Pictionairy.

I am always looking for new ideas as this is my first experience teaching. If you have any ideas or ways to revise the game, please e-mail me at: [email protected]. I hope this brings some excitement to your class at some point. I love the games on this site!

Russell Jensen
Jeonju, South Korea

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