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I have submitted this format to help teaching interns with writing lesson plans. I just wish I could find something in this format for all subjects

__ M1. I taught vocabulary using realia and or demonstraion.
__ M2. I related math problems and vocabulary to prior knowledge and background.
__ M3. I taught concrete first then abstract.
__ M4. I applied problems to real life situations.
__ M5. I used manipulatives to intorduce, develop and practice concepts.
__ M6. I used drwaings for word problems.
__ M7. I encouraged students to think aloud when solving word problems.
__ M8. I had students give oral explanations of their thinking.
__ M9. I had studetns write original word problems.
__ M10. I explained directions clearly and repeated key terms and/or words to look for.
__ M11. I encouraged students to do the following when solving word problems:
a) understand the problem, B) find the needed information, c)choose a plan, d) solve the problem.
__ M12. I used calculators to check problems as a group or to assist in calculations.
__ M13. When explaining information, I provided extra clues through the use of visuals, diagrams, captions and labels.
__ M14. I used supplemental materials.
__ M15. I used cooperative learning.
__ M16. I used peer tutoring.
__ M17. I used multisensory experiences.
__ M18. I used computer assisted instruction.
__ M19. Portfolios
__ M20. Modifications to grades
__ M21. Teacher observation
__ M22. Test orally or read test to students
__ M23. Open Book Tests
__ M24. Test Modifications- Multiple choice, matching, True/False, Short Answer
__ M25. Provide word bank for tests

Dawne Golden - Naples, Florida

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