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Using Phrasal Modifiers (#4), by Dennis Oliver


Using Phrasal Modifiers (#4)

In addition to the uses of phrasal modifiers shown in Hints
172 - 174, there's also another one.

Look at these two sentences:

Alice has a son.
Alice's son has red hair and green eyes.

There are many ways to combine these sentences. One way
is by changing "has red hair and green eyes" slightly so that
it can be used as a phrasal modifier:

Alice has a son with red hair and green eyes.

Changing has phrases to with phrases is very common:

Fred wants a new car.
The new car has four-wheel drive.
Fred wants a new car with four-wheel drive.

English is a language.
English has many vowel sounds.
English is a language with fmany vowel sounds.

They want an apartment.
The apartment has lots of windows.
They want an apartment with lots of windows.

Notice that . . .

1.   . . . verb phrases using have can be changed to
prepositional phrases using with.
2.   . . . prepositional phrases using with come after
the words that they describe.


< BR CLEAR="ALL">How would you combine the sentences below by using
with phrases as modifiers?

Gina lives in a house.
The house has four bedrooms.
The house has three bathrooms.

Arizona is a state.
Arizona has several quite different climates.
Arizona has many tourist attractions.

The man is my friend Malcolm.
The man has a beard.
The man has dark glasses.
The man has a brown briefcase.

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