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Using Personal Titles #6: Academic Titles, by Dennis Oliver


Using Personal Titles #6:
Academic Titles


There are also special titles used in academia--in colleges
and universities. The two most common academic titles
are, probably, Professor and Dr. Both of these titles are
used for those who have an academic doctorate--a PhD,
EdD, and so on.

In the U.S., Professor may be used either with or without
a name. When Professor is used with a name, only the
surname (family name) is used in speaking. In written
addresses, Professor is followed by a complete name.
In the greetings of letters, it is followed by the surname.


Spoken   Written

Hello, Professor.

Good morning,
Professor MacGowan.

Excuse me, Professor,
but I have a question.

Could you please
repeat that last point,
Professor Hayashi?


Professor Miriam Smith

Professor Manuel Torres

Professor Jun Okumura

Dear Professor Gold:

Dear Professor Al-Salehi:

The academic title Dr. is used somwhat like Professor,
but not in exactly the same way. For those with academic
doctorates, Dr. isn't usually used, for example, without
a name. In written addresses, Dr. may be before the
complete name, or the abbreviated form of the academic
degree (PhD, EdD, etc.) may be after the complete name.
In written and spoken greetings, Dr. is used with a surname.


Spoken   Written

Hello, Dr. Muñoz.

May I speak with
Dr. Brown, please?

May I ask you
a question, Dr. Schmidt?

I'm afraid I don't
understand you, Dr. Chin.


Dr. Juan Muñoz

Dr. Alicia Brown

Hans Schmidt, PhD

Martin Chin, EdD

Dear Dr. Muñoz:

Dear Dr. Brown:



Special Note:

Other commonly used academic titles include Dean,
Chancellor, Provost, and President. In speaking and
in the greetings of letters, these titles are followed by
a surname:

Hello, Dean Carter.

Good afternoon,
Chancellor Ewing.

I have an appointment
with Provost Brown.

It's an honor to meet
you, President Linder

 < /TD>

Dear Dean Carter:

Dear Chancellor Ewing:

Dear Provost Brown:

Dear President Linder:


In written addresses, these titles are followed by complete
names. The titles may also come after surnames. In this
case, the name of the university School or College (fields
of study within a university) or of the institution follow
in the next line:

Dean Hilda Carter

Provost Michael Brown

Chancellor Kent Ewing

President James Linder


Hilda Carter, Dean
College of Liberal Arts

Michael Brown, Provost
Hanover University

Kent Ewing, Chancellor
Atwood State College

James Linder, President
Atwood State College


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