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The Period (#2), by Dennis Oliver

The Period (#2)

One very common and important punctuation mark
( . ) looks like a small, dark circle. When this mark is
used with numbers, it's called a point. When it's used
in e-mail and WWW addresses, it's called a dot. In
other situations, it's called a period.

In American English, there are many common uses
for the period. One is for abbreviations of titles,
for example


personal titles

Ms.   Mrs.   Mr.

professional titles

Dr.   Rev.   Gen.
Prof.   Fr.   Maj.
Asst. Prof.   Br.   Capt.
Assoc. Prof.   Sr.   Sgt.
Pres.   Sen.   Adm.
Dir.   Rep.  
Asst. Dir.   Gov.  
  Lieut. Gov.    
    the Hon.    



Special Notes

1.   Ms. and Mr. are both general. Ms. can
be used with single women, married
women, and when a woman's marital
status is unknown. Mr. can be used with
single men, married men, and when
a man's marital status is unknown.

The professional titles given above mean

Doctor, Professor, Assistant Professor,
Assiociate Professor (academic titles)

President, Director, Assistant Director,
(business titles)

Reverend, Father, Brother, Sister
(religious titles)

Senator, Representative, Governor,
Lieutenant Governor, the Honorable
(government titles)

General, Major, Captain, Sergeant,
Lieutenant, Admiral (military titles)

3.   The title Dr. is used for both medical,
doctors and for people who have an
academic doctor's degree (PhD, EdD,
JD, and so on.


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