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Telling Time #6, by Dennis Oliver


There are also idioms and fixed expressions that
relate to the topic of time. Following are some
common ones.


Idioms and Fixed Expressions
Related to Time


on time: arriving at the correct / expected /
scheduled time

in time: not too late (maybe early, maybe
on time, maybe even afterthe scheduled
time--as long as one is not too late)

just in time: at the time when someone /
something is most needed

timely: punctual; happening at a convenient time

(just) in the nick of time: barely in time,
but not late

at ___ sharp / at ___ on the dot:
at exactly ___

at times: sometimes

from time to time: sometimes

all (of) the time: always; very often

much of the time: frequently

time after time: again and again; repeatedly

for the time being: for now (but not permanently)

(not) have a good (etc.) time: (not) enjoy oneself

time out: a short pause in a sporting event when
the "game clock" is temporarily stopped

take time off: take a vacation

take one's time: not hurry

two-time: date / have a relationship with
two men / women at the same time (while
pretending to be interested in only one person)

have the time of one's life: have an
extremely good time

double time: twice as fast as the normal speed

overtime: time spent in addition to normal
working hours; extra time added to a sporting
event if the score is tied at the time when the
game would normally end

halftime: "break" between the two halves of
a basketball game, (American) football game, etc.
(During this period, there is often entertainment.)

a timepiece: a watch

"Once upon a time": traditional way of
beginning a story (especially a children's story)

"A stitch in time saves nine": traditional
proverb. It refers to sewing and means that
taking precautions before they are necessary
will prevent problems that may happen later.

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