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Special Expressions with Colors (#6), by Dennis Oliver

Other Color-Related Expressions

Here are more color-related expressions:

expression   meaning
black sheep
of a family
  family member whose behavior
is considered unacceptable and
disgraceful to other family members
black box   an electronic device that records
the performance of airplanes
during flight
have a black
cloud hanging
over one's head
  describes someone who has had
an excessive amount of bad luck
a gray area   something which can be interpreted
in many different ways because
it has not been clearly defined
or explained
gray matter  

(1) the brain;

(2) intelligence

green around
the gills
  describes someone who looks
pale and as if he / she is about to
become sick
greenhorn   a total novice; someone who
is completely without experience
give someone
the green light
  tell someone it is safe or
acceptable to proceed
with an action, plan, etc.
in the pink
(of health)
  completely healthy
a pink slip   a notice given to a worker
to tell him / her that he / she
no longer has a job (that is,
that he or she has been fired
or laid off)
tickled pink   delighted; very pleased
see the world
  have an excessively optimistic
outlook or personality; refuse
to acknowledge problems
have a
rosy outlook
  have a cheerful, positive,
very optimistic view of life
give someone
the red light
  stop someone from proceeding
with an action, plan, etc.
purple prose   language which is excessively
complicated and ornate, and
which seems designed to
impress rather than communicate
born to
the purple
  born into a wealthy and
privileged (or royal) family
born with a
silver spoon in
one's mouth
  born into a wealthy and
privileged family
"Every cloud
has a silver lining."
  proverb meaning that nothing
is as bad as it seems
(as) white as
a sheet / a ghost

very pale because of shock
or fright

(also as pale as a sheet / a ghost)

yellow   cowardly
give someone
the yellow light
  indicate that someone should
proceed cautiously with
an action, plan, etc.
have a yellow
streak down
one's back
  be a coward

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