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Special Expressions with Colors (#5), by Dennis Oliver

#5: white

Besides referring to certain shades or hues that everyone
knows, colors are also used in many idiomatic expressions.

Here are a few common expressions using white:

expression   meaning
white cap   an ocean wave with foam on top
  a job which does not require
manual labor (for example,
a job done in an office)
white coffee   a combination of coffee and milk
white elephant   a useless possession (for example,
a gift that you would never want
or buy for yourself)
white flag   a flag that is waved to signal
that a person or group surrenders
to another person or group
white heat   temperature that is high enough
to make metal appear to be white

(1) adjective describing metal
which is extremely hot;

(2) extremely intense or passionate.

the White House   the official residence of the
U.S. President
a white lie   a lie that is told in order to be
polite or to avoid offending or
otherwise hurting someone
white meat   light-colored meat (veal, pork,
poultry, fish). Dark-colored meat
(for example, beef or mutton)
is called red meat.
white tie   expression referring to full formal
evening dress for men

noun: a mixture of water and
powdered lime or chalk which
is used to paint walls;


(1) to apply whitewash to a wall;

(2) to attempt to make someone
seem innocent or blameless by
concealing his / her deficiencies,
errors, mistakes, or faults.

egg white   the colorless part of an egg
that turns white when cooked
the white of
one's eyes

the white part of one's eyeballs

until you see the white of
their eyes: until they are very close


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