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Special Expressions with Colors (#4), by Dennis Oliver

#4: red

Besides referring to certain shades or hues that everyone
knows, colors are also used in many idiomatic expressions.

Here are a few common expressions using the color red:

expression   meaning
redhead   someone with red hair
red hot  

(1) something that is so hot
that it is glowing;

(2) very popular (slang).

red-letter day   a holiday (because holidays
are often shown in red letters
on calendars)
red meat   dark-colored meat such as
beef or mutton. (Meat which
is light-colored--such as veal,
pork, poultry, and fish--is
called white meat.)
red tape   excessive, time-consuming
use of rules, regulations,
complicated procedures,
and formalities (for example,
government procedures)
catch someone
  catch someone while he / she
is committing a crime
give someone
the red-carpet
  give someone (especially
a very important visitor)
special treatment (see
out the red carpet)
in the red   losing money; showing
a financial loss
paint the
town red
  indulge in excessive and
extravagant entertainment
during a short period of time
roll out the
red carpet
  make lavish arrangements
(receptions, formal greetings,
banquets, etc.) for a very
important visitor. (The
carpet is a long, narrow red
rug that is put down for the
visitor to walk on.)
see red   become uncontrollably angry


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