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Special Expressions with Colors (#3), by Dennis Oliver


#3: brown and green


Besides referring to certain shades or hues that everyone
knows, colors are also used in many idiomatic expressions.

Here are a few common expressions using the colors
brown and green:

expression   meaning
brown-bag lunch   a lunch meeting for which
people bring their own food
(often in a brown paper bag)

(1) with a capital B: a member
of a division of the Girl Scouts
for young girls;

(2) a small, square cake made
of rich chocolate

brown-out   a period of time when electrical
power is operating erratically
and not at full strength
have a brown thumb   used to describe someone who
has no skill in growing plants
green (adjective)   inexperienced; naive
greenback   U.S. dollar; U.S. currency
(paper money) in general
green belt   a narrow strip of land with
parks and trees around parts
of a city
greenhouse   a heated building (usually
made of glass) which is used
for growing plants
the green-eyed monster  


("His / her eyes were green
with envy" is also used to
to describe a very envious person.)

have a green thumb   used to describe someone who
has great skill in growing plants


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