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Special Expressions with Colors (#2), by Dennis Oliver


#2: blue


Besides referring to certain shades or hues that everyone
knows, colors are also used in many idiomatic expressions.

Here are a few common expressions using the color blue:

expression   meaning
blue (adjective)   depressed
blue-blood (noun)   someone from a noble
or aristocratic family
blue book  

(1) an official report;

(2) a small paper booklet
used for examinations

blue-chip stock   stock with high value
based on stability and
past sales
blue-collar worker   factory worker
blue law   law which forbids doing
certain activities on Sunday
blue nose   a person with puritanical
religious or moral views
blue-pencil (verb)   edit or censor using
a pencil which makes
blue-colored writing
blue print   a kind of photographic
printing, usually of plans
for a building; it has
white lines printed on
blue paper
  highest quality (because
blue ribbons are awarded
to winners of first-place prizes)
do something
blue in the face
  do something until you no
longer have energy to do it
(and with no positive results)
men in blue   policemen
once in a
blue moon
  very seldom; very rarely
out of the blue   describes something that
happens suddenly and
also unexpectedly
true blue   very loyal


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