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Special Expressions with Colors (#1), by Dennis Oliver

#1: black


Besides referring to certain shades or hues that everyone
knows, colors are also used in many idiomatic expressions.

Here are a few common expressions using the color black:

expression   meaning
be black and blue   covered with bruises
blackball (verb)   prevent someone from joining
a group by secretly voting
against him or her
blackboard   chalkboard (the traditional
color was black or dark gray)
a black eye   an eye that has been
injured; (the skin around it
is dark-colored)
black coffee   strong coffee served
without milk
blackhead   a pimple (skin blemish)
black ice   ice that is dark in color and
dangerous because it is
difficult to see
be in the black   show a profit
blacklist   list of people considered to
be dangerous or undesirable
blackmail   force someone to pay money
to keep something undesirable
about him / her secret
black market   place where money or
merchandise is sold illegally
at uncontrolled prices
black out   (1) faint or lose consciousness;
(2) extinguish all outside lights
and cover all windows
black sheep   scoundrel; undesirable person
blacksmith   someone who makes and
repairs items made of iron,
especially horse shoes
have / get something
down in black and white
  have / get something
recorded in writing



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