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Special Expressions with Body Parts (#15), by Dennis Oliver

more expressions with hand


Here are even more common idioms and expressions which
use hand and hands:

ask for
someone's hand

(1) ask permission to
marry someone

(2) ask someone to marry you

at hand   nearby; close
be hand in glove with  

be very closely with;
be closely associated with

(also used with go and work)

be in good hands   be managed by someone
who is competent and
be in someone's hands   be someon's responsibility
be / get out of hand   be / become out of control
can't lay one's
hands on
  can't find
change hands   change from one owner
to a different one
eat out of
someone's hand

(1) be quite tame and not
afraid of humans (used to
describe an animal)

(2) do whatever someone
wants (used to describe people)

first-hand experience /
  something experienced or
known directly and personally
from hand to hand   from one person to another
give someone a hand  

(1) help someone

(2) applaud (clap) for someone

have one's hands full   be completely occupied;
be as busy as it is possible to be
have a free hand
with something
  have the liberty to manage
something in whatever way
seems best; manage something
without having to follow
another person's guidelines
hand in hand   holding each other's hand
lend (someone) a hand   help someone
lift one's hand
against someone
  threaten or attack someone
not lift a hand
to help
  do nothing to help
off-hand   describes something which
is said or done without
prior thinking or planning
on hand   available
play into someone
else's hands
  be manipulated into doing
something whichis to another
person's advantage
second-hand   previously owned by
someone else
take someone /
something in hand
  take charge of someone
or something; manage
someone or something
wash one's hands
of something
  refuse to take further
responsibility for something

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