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Special Expressions with Body Parts (#14), by Dennis Oliver

expressions with hand


Here is another group of common idioms and expressions with
body parts. This time, the expressions use hand and hands:

handcuffs   metal rings joined by a
chain that are locked onto
the wrists of prisoners
a handful  

(1) the amount that can be
held in one hand

(2) a small number

(3) a person or animal
who / that is difficult to control

hand-made   not made by machine
hand-me-down   something (usually clothes)
which is discarded by one
person and then given to
another person
hand something down   pass from one person to
another (often from an older
person to a younger one)
because of tradition or as
an inheritance
hand it
to someone
  give credit / a compliment
to someone because the
credit / compliment is deserved
hand something on   pass something from one
person to another
hand something out   distribute something

(1) brochure or other
printed material which
is given without charge
in order to provide
information about a topic

(2) something which is
given as charity (often has
a negative or condescending

hand something over   deliver or submit something
to the proper authorities
hand someone over   deliver someone (usually
a criminal or someone who
has done something wrong)
to the proper authorities
hand over fist   describes making money
easily and in large amounts
hand over hand   using each hand alternately
(for example, when climbing
up a rope)
hand-pick   carefully selected (often
with one particular person
in mind)
hand-work   work that is done by hand,
not by machine
hands down  

describes something that is
done easily and with little
or no competition

(usually describes winning

Hands off!   Don't touch this! /
Don't bother this!
Hands up!   Surrender! (Put your hands
in the air!)
handy   convenient


Special Note:

In addition to meaning 'the part of the arm that contains
the fingers and thumb,' hand also has other common
meanings. Here are some of them:

1.   to give something by using one's hand
2.   a workman (at a factory, on a farm, on a ship
3.   the moving part of a watch or clock that
shows the hours, minutes, and seconds
4.   the group of cards held by each player
in a card game
5.   unit of measurement for the height of horses


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