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Special Expressions with Body Parts (#13), by Dennis Oliver

expressions with arm


Here are even more common idioms and expressions with
body parts. This group uses arm and arms:

at arm's length   beyond the distance of
an arm when it is outstretched
an armful   the amount that can be carried
under one or both arms
a babe in arms  

(1) a small child who is too young
to walk (and who must be carried)

(2) someone who is naive and
has very little experience

keep someone
at arm's length
  treat someone cooly; avoid
becoming familiar / friendly
with someone
one-armed bandit   slot machine (type of
gambling machine)
strong-arm (verb)   use force or coersion in order
to accomplish something
the long arm
of the law
  the authority / power of
a country's law and its ability
to be inforced throughout
the country
up in arms  

(1) ready to fight

(2) greatly upset; indignant

with open arms  

warmly; cordially

(usually used with welcome,
greet, receive, and similar verbs)


Special Note:

In addition to meaning 'the limb which begins at the shoulder
and extends to the tips of the fingers,' arms also means
and the verb to arm means 'to give someone
weapons to be used for protection or defense.'


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