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Special Expressions with Body Parts (#12), by Dennis Oliver


expressions with shoulder(s)


Here are some more common idioms and expressions with
body parts. This group uses shoulder or shoulders:

shoulder to shoulder   standing side by side and
touching (at the sides)
give someone the
cold shoulder
  treat someone as if you
do not know him / her;
snub or shun someone
put one's shoulder
to the wheel
  work very energetically
stand head and
shoulders above _____

(1) be noticeably taller than
others in the same place (literal)

(2) be noticeably better
than others (figurative)

straight from
the shoulder
  describes remarks that were
made frankly (and which
might be embarrassing because
they criticize or rebuke someone)
have broad shoulders  

(1) have wide shoulders

(2) be able to manage
heavy responsibilities


Special Note:

Shoulder also has meanings in addition to the common one
('the place where the arms join the trunk of the body'):

1.   to carry or bear (especially something heavy or
something that involves a great deal of responsibility)
2.   surface at the side of a road or highway


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