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Special Expressions with Body Parts (#11), by Dennis Oliver 

expressions with mouth


Here are some more common idioms and expressions with
body parts. This group uses mouth:

mouth off (verb)   speak rashly and

(1) the part of something
(musical instrument, pipe,
etc.) that goes in the mouth

(2) person, newspaper,
magazine, etc. that expresses
the ideas and opinions of
another person or group

mouthy   describes someone who
speaks too much and
who speaks in a boastful,
irritating way
mouth-watering   describes something that
is delicious or promises
to be delicious
bad-mouth someone   speak very critically
about someone
by word of mouth   communicating verbally,
not in writing (used to
describe news or the spread
of information)
down in / at
the mouth
  sad; depressed
have a big mouth   describes someone who
talks too much and who
can't refrain from passing on confidential information
live hand to mouth   live from paycheck to
paycheck; survive financially,
but only barely
put one's foot in
one's mouth
  say something which is
damaging or embarrassing
to oneself
put words into
someone's mouth

(1) tell someone what to say

(2) claim that someone has
said something even though
this may not be true

a smart-mouth   someone who speaks rashly
and confrontationally
take the words
right out of
someone's mouth
  say what another person
was about to say; anticipate
what another person would
say and say it
Don't look
a gift horse
in the mouth.

Don't seem ungrateful for
a gift by saying too much
about its deficiencies or faults.


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