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Special Expressions with Body Parts (#10), by Dennis Oliver 

expressions with neck


Here are some more common idioms and expressions with
body parts. This time they use neck:

neck (verb)   to exchange kisses, hugs,
and caresses
break one's neck  

(1) break the bones of
ones neck (literal meaning)

(2) work very hard in
order to try to achieve
something difficult

breathe down
someone's neck
  be uncomfortably close
to someone; observe
someone too closely
rubber-neck (verb)   to stretch one's neck in order
to see what is happening
running neck
and neck

literally, to be running
at the same pace: neither
is ahead of the other
(from horse racing);

figuratively, to perform
equally as well as another
in a race or competition

save one's neck  

literally, to escape from
being hanged;

figuratively, to escape
punishment that
was expected

stick one's neck out   do or say something
even though one realizes
that it may result in

being criticized or in
unpleasant consequences
win / lose by a neck  

literally, win or lose
a horse race by the
length of a horse's neck
(from horse racing);

figuratively, to win or
lose by a very small margin


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