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Special Expressions with Body Parts (#8), by Dennis Oliver

expressions with head (#2)

Here are more idioms and expressions with head:

expression   meaning
be on one's head  

be one's fault

(used to mean 'Any further
results or consequences
will be _____ 's fault')

bite someone's
head off
  scold someone severely
and angrily
come to a head   reach a critical stage;
reach the stage where
something critical is
about to happen
go to one's head  

(1) cause someone to
become intoxicated (drunk)

(2) cause someone to
become confused or irrational

(3) cause someone to
become conceited

have a good head
on one's shoulders
  be very logical
keep one's head   keep poised / calm / under
control even when facing
difficult situations
keep one's head
above water
  keep from being in debt
(verb) one's head off  

(verb) excessively

(for example, talk one's
head off" = talk excessively)

lose one's head   lose one's self-control or
ability to think and act
logically and rationally
make headway
(against _____ )
  make progress
(against _____ )
out of one's head   out of one's mind; insane
over someone's head   beyond what someone
is capable of understanding
put our / your /
their heads together
  share insights and ideas
soft / weak in
the head
  unintelligent; not capable
of thinking intelligently
stand on one's head   do a headstand; be upright
with one's feet pointing
vertically upward
"Two heads are
better than one."
  proverb meaning 'It's
wiser to get the opinion
of another person /
of other people before
doing anything.'
turn someone's head   cause someone to become
too confident of his / her
own abilities; cause someone
to become vain


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