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Special Expressions with Body Parts (#7), by Dennis Oliver 


expressions with head (#1)

Here are more idioms and expressions with body parts.
This group uses

expression   meaning
head (unusual uses)  

(1) the flat part of a pin,
nail, bolt, or tack

(2) term used in counting
certain types of vegetables
head of cabbage, broccoli,
cauliflower, etc.)

(3) term used in counting
animals (most commonly
cattle): 10
head of cattle

note: head is not plural in
this use (#3)

(4) toilet

(5) foam on top of liquid
that has been poured
(especially beer)

head _____ (verb)   go in the direction of
(for example, head home,
head north)
head for  

go in the direction of

note: head for is not used
with directions

head _____ off  

(1) get in front of in order to
intercept or turn away

(2) prevent (for example,
an argument)

head over heels  

(1) upside down (reversed
from the normal direction
or orientation)

(2) completely; totally

Heads up!   Look out! / Watch out!
headboard   board at the end of a bed
(behind where one lays
one's head)
headlight   strong light(s) at the front
of a vehicle
headline   title of a newspaper article
or news story
headquarters   main offices or center of
operations for a company
or organization
headroom   clearance (extra room above
or at the top of something)
heads   describes the side of a coin
which shows someone's face
(the opposite is
headstone   stone marking a grave
headstrong   stubborn; obstinate; impulsive
headwind   wind blowing directly in
one's face

(1) describes an action which
is done impulsively

(2) intoxicating; very exciting


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