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Special Expressions with Body Parts (#6), by Dennis Oliver


expressions with nose (#2) 

Here are more idioms and expressions with body parts.
This group uses

expression   meaning
as plain as the
nose on one's face
  obvious; easily seen
and understood
count noses   count the number of
people in a place
cut off one's nose
to spite one's face
  do something damaging
to oneself when one is
angry and acting without
thinking of the results
follow one's nose  

(1) go straight;

(2) do something by instinct,
not because of planning

get someone's
nose out of joint

(1) surprise an annoying
person by making him / her
feel upset or humbled

(2) negative ("Don't get your
nose out of joint!"): Don't be
excessively upset; Calm down.

keep one's nose
to the grindstone
  make someone (including
oneself) work hard and
without taking a break
or resting
lead someone
around by the nose
  control someone completely;
make someone do whatever
one wishes
look down one's
nose at _____
  look at _____ haughtily
and disdainfully
pay through
the nose
  pay too much; pay
much more than one is
comfortable paying
(right) under
one's (very) nose

directly in front of

(usually used when someone
can't see something that's
obvious or directly in front
of him / her)

turn up one's
nose at _____
  show disdain for _____;
show displeasure with _____
win by a nose   win by a very narrow margin


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