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Special Expressions with Body Parts (#5), by Dennis Oliver


expressions with nose (#1)

Here are more idioms and expressions with body parts.
This group uses

expression   meaning
nose _____ out  

(1) discover something
by smelling

(2) discover something by
prying (asking many questions)

(3) defeat someone by
a very narrow margin

nose dive  

(1) plummet downward;
suddenly fall directly
downward (said of a plane);

(2) make a sharp drop
or suddenly show very
negative results

also take a nose dive

nosegay   a small bouquet (bunch) of
sweet-smelling cut flowers
nose into
someone's affairs
  through prying (being
overly inquisitive), learn
private details about
someone's life
nosy (or nosey)   describes a person who
asks too many questions


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