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Special Expressions with Body Parts (#4), by Dennis Oliver

expressions with face (#2)

Here are more idioms and expressions using face:

expression   meaning
about face   (military command):
turn completely around;
reverse one's direction
be unable to
look someone in
the face
  be ashamed to look at
someone because of
shame, embarrassment,
or fear
_____ can do
something until
_____ is / are blue
in the face

do something until you
are no longer able to do it

(used as a way of saying
'It doesn't matter how long
you do this because it won't
make any difference / have
any effect.')

fly in the face
of _____
  openly defy or disregard
_____ ; do something
even though _____ is
a reason not to do it
Her / His face is
her / his fortune.
  She / he is admired or
well liked because of
her / his appearance, not
because of her / his
intelligence, personality,
accomplishments, etc.
In your face!
  (very confrontational slang):
I don't care about you! /
What you want / suggest
is of no importance to me!
keep a straight face   keep from smiling or
laughing even though
something is amusing
lose face   do something which causes
others to have a low or
negative opinion of you
make / do an
about face
  make / do something which
is completely different (or
even the opposite) from
what was done before
make a face (at)   grimace; arrange one's
eyes, lips, etc. in a
comical or startling way
on the face of _____   describes an opinion
based on what is seen,
not on facts or research
poker-faced   describes someone whose
facial expression does not
reveal what he / she is
thinking, feeling, or intends
to do
right / left face   (military commands):
turn to the right / left
save face   do something which prevents
others from having a low
or negative opinion of you
(often through concealing
something which is shameful
or damaging)
two-faced   describes a liar--someone
who tells one person one
thing and then tells another
person something different
Was my face red!   I was very embarrassed!


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