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Special Expressions with Body Parts (#3), by Dennis Oliver

expressions with face (#1)

Here are more idioms and expressions using body parts,
but this time, they use

expression   meaning
face (noun--
figurative meaning)
  reputation; the opinion
others have of someone
face (verb)   look at directly; confront
face card   playing card that has
a picture of a person--
king, queen, jack (knave)
face facts   consider a situation
realistically and objectively,
especially if it is unpleasant
faceless   anonymous; someone with
no characteristics that are
distinct or easy to remember
face lift   cosmetic operation which
tightens the skin, removes
wrinkles, and causes
someone to appear younger
face the music   hear the consequences
of one's actions (often
punishment of some kind)
face to face   describes a personal
meeting--a meeting when
each person involved can
look at the other(s)
face up to   bravely admit something
that is damaging or unpleasant
face value  

(1) the stated value (for
example, of a coin or piece
of paper money)

(2) value that something
seems to have, based on
its appearance


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