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Special Expressions with Body Parts (#2), by Dennis Oliver

expressions with eye (#2)

Here are more idioms and expressions using eye.

expression   meaning
an eye for an eye   retaliation; giving punishment
that is as severe as the injury
for which the punishment
was given
be in the public eye   be frequently seen in public
before one's
very eyes
  describes something that
someone saw personally--
something for which there
was no effort at concealment
eyeball (verb)   examine closely
have an eye
for ____
  be a good judge of _____ ;
have a good understanding
or appreciation of _____
have eyes in the
back of one's head
  describes someone who
seems to notice everything,
even things that others
are trying to conceal
in the eyes
of _____

according to _____ ; in the
judgment / opinion of _____

(often used in the phrase
"in the eyes of
the law")

keep an eye
on _____
  watch _____ carefully
keep an eye
out for _____
  watch for a particular
person or thing
keep one's
eyes peeled
  watch for a particular
person or thing
make eyes
at someone
  stare flirtatiously
at someone
see eye to eye
(with someone)
  have exactly the same views
or opinions (as someone)
red-eye flight   flight that departs very
early in the morning
(when many people's eyes
are red because they are
normally sleeping at that time)

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