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Saying Large Numbers (#2), by Dennis Oliver

Writing and Saying
Large Numbers (#2)


When a number has a single digit (number) in the "thousands"
group and when the last two digits are 00, people usually say
the number as "___ hundred."


written   said
1,100   eleven hundred
2,700   twenty-seven hundred
5,900   fifty-nine hundred
7,400   seventy-four hundred
9,200   ninety-two hundred

Native English speakers do not say large numbers this way
if the last three digits are 000:

1,000 = one / a thousand

but 1,100 = eleven hundred (or one thousand one hundred)

6,000 = six thousand

but 6,500 = sixty-five hundred (or six thousand five hundred)

1,900 = nineteen hundred (or one thousand nine hundred)

but 2,000 = two thousand

3,900 = thirty-nine hundred (or three thousand nine hundred)

but 4,000 = four thousand




Special Note:

Some people say numbers less than 10,000 this way even if
the last two digits are not 00:

2,125 ---> twenty-one hundred twenty-five;

5,234 ---> fifty-two hundred thirty-four;

9,999 ---> ninety-nine hundred ninety-nine.


Saying large numbers in this is not very common, however.


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