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Present Continuous Tense #4, by Dennis Oliver


Present Continuous Tense #4


The present continuous tense is used to refer to actions or
situations that are happening now. It is also used to refer to
actions or situations that are temporary but last for long
periods of time. There is also a third common use for this
tense: to talk about actions or situations in the future.

Using the Present Continuous Tense
to Refer to The Future


The present continuous tense is used to talk about the
future when an action or situation is planned or intended.
Sentences with this use of the present continuous always
have words or phrases which refer to future time:

He's studying in the library. (now)
He's studying in the library tonight. (future)

She's leaving. (now)
She's leaving tomorrow morning. (future)

They're driving to Chicago. (now)
They're driving to Chicago next week. (future)

We're having a test. (now)
We're having a test in two days. (future)

They're playing tennis. (now)
They're playing tennis tomorrow. (future)


When the present continuous tense is used to show
future actions or situations, all the common future

time words and phrases can be used:


tomorrow morning / evening / night, etc.

next week / month / year, etc.

the day after tomorrow

the week / month / year, etc. after next

in ___ hours / days / weeks / months, etc.

___ hours / days / weeks / months, etc. from now

in + future year

on + future date





The action or situation in sentences with present
continuous tense and future time must be
intended. The present continuous tense cannot
be used if an action or situation cannot logically be
planned in advance:

not possible: It's raining tomorrow.

not possible: I'm feeling fine next week.



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