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Present Continuous Tense #2, by Dennis Oliver


The Present Continuous Tense #2


The present continuous tense has several uses. One of
the most common ones is described below.

Using the Present Continuous Tense
for "Now"


One use for the present continuous tense is for actions that
are happening now. These actions began before now and
will continue after now. These actions are temporary and
are often for a short time.


He's studying.
They're arguing.
It's raining.
You're reading these examples.
I'm using my computer to make these examples.

Besides now, other time words and phrases are common
with this use of the present continuous tense. Here are some
of them: right now, just now, at the moment, for the
time being, and at present:

He's studying right now.
They're arguing at the moment.
It's raining just now.




Special Notes:


  Notice that every example above shows
a short, temporary action. Notice, also,
that every example has a form of BE
and an -ing verb.



The time phrase for the time being
suggests that the action will change soon:

Bob's studying for the time being.
(He'll probably not study much longer.)

They're arguing for the time being.
(They'll probably stop arguing very soon.)

It's raining for the time being.
(It could stop raining at any time.)

We're working for the time being.
(We'll probably stop working very soon.)

I'm using my computer for the time
being (I'll probably do something else
very soon.)

We're working for the time being.
(We don't expect to work much longer.)


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