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Prepositions: Using "In"for Places, by Dennis Oliver

Prepositions #4:
Using In for Places


The preposition in is often used in place phrases.
When in is used in this way, it is followed by noun
phrases that showthe meaning "inside" or "within"
a place. The place can be a small, specific one or
a general geographic area.


What do you have in your hand?

He doesn't have much money in his savings account.

Julia is working in the kitchen.

There are many beautiful flowers in their garden.

Dave lives in the San Fernando Valley.

There are over 200 computers in that office.

Arizona is in the southwestern U.S.

Much of México is in North America.

How many stars can you see in the sky?

Billy! Don't talk with food in your mouth!


Special Note:

Do not use in with exact addresses
(addresses with house or building numbers):

wrong: *He lives in 4732 Marshall Drive.

wrong: *Alice's office is in 26515 Main Street.

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