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Nouns #19: Possessives for Phrases, by Dennis Oliver

Nouns #19:
Possessives for Phrases


When it is necessary to make phrases possessive, use of
before the phrase, but use 's or ' after the phrase.

phrase   possessives
the ESL Cafe   the creator of the ESL Cafe /
the ESL Cafe's creator
Arizona State
  the campus of Arizona State
University / Arizona State
's campus
the state
of Illinois
  the governor of the state of
Illinois / the state of Illinois's
the U.S.   the President of the U.S. /
the U.S.' President
several Asian
  the people of several Asian
countries / several Asian
countries' people


Special Note:

For phrases, of possessives are generally more common than
's or ' possessives.

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