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Nouns #18: Possessives (#2), by Dennis Oliver

Nouns #18:
Possessives (#2)


Another way to show possession in English is through
using of. Possessives of this type use the following pattern:

noun phrase / one / number or quantity + of +
possessive noun / possessive pronoun.


I'd like you to meet a friend of Bob's /
a friend of his.

Isn't that painting one of Sue's / one of hers?

Sue's painting was displayed with several of Lee's /
several of his.

They bought two paintings of Sue's and one of Lee's /
They bought two paintings of hers and one of his.


Special Notes:


Expressions like the above are very common with
possessive pronouns:

This isn't one of mine.
Is this one of
Is this one of his?
No, it's one of hers.
I know it isn't one of ours.
Maybe it's one of theirs.

2.   This pattern is not used with its.

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