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Nouns #16: Special Names for Groups (#4), by Dennis Oliver

Nouns #16:
Special Names for Groups (#4)


  There are actually many special quantifiers used for
specific nouns--but many of them are literary or
archaic ("old-fashioned") terms that were never very
well known and are certainly not well known or
commonly used today. Because they are unusual
and interesting, however, we've included a few of
the more colorful ones:
  a bale of turtles   a nest of mice
  a band of gorillas   a nye of pheasants
  a bevy of swans   an ostentation
of peaocks
  a brood of hens   a parliament of
owls / rooks
  a cast of
falcons / hawks
  a plague of locusts
  a colony of ants /
beavers / gulls /
penguins / rats / seals
  a school of
porpoises / dolphins
  a flight of
doves / pigeons
  a skulk of foxes
  a knot of toads   a sloth of bears
  a leap of leopards   a sounder of
boars / swine
  a murder (or hover)
of crows
  a string of ponies


Special Notes:

  Remember that many of the above terms are not
well known or commonly used.

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