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Nouns #15: Special Names for Groups (#3), by Dennis Oliver

Nouns #15:
Special Names for Groups (#3)

  Here are some more special quantifiers that are used with
specific countable nouns. The quantifiers shown here are
for specific things and geographical terms.
  quantifier   used with
  a bale of _____   hay (dried grass gathered
together and tied to make
a long cube; it's used as
food for horses, cattle, etc.)
  a batch of _____   cookies, cupcakes (or other
things prepared together as
a group)
  a bed of _____   flowers
  a belt of _____   asteroids
  a chain of _____   islands
  a clutch of _____   eggs ( = a nest full of eggs)
  a deck of _____   cards (all of the cards
in a box)
  an ear of _____   corn (the long, removable
part of a corn plant to which
the pieces of corn are attached)
  a grove of _____   trees ( = a number of trees
which are growing close
together in one place)
  a hand of _____   cards (the number of
cards that you hold in
your hand during a
particular card game)
  a head of _____   cabbage, lettuce,
cauliflower, broccoli
  a patch of _____   weeds (unwanted plants--
for example, grass in
a bed of flowers)
  a quiver of _____   arrows (many arrows kept
together in a kind of bag)

a sheaf of _____

(plural: sheaves)

  wheat (many stems of
wheat that have been cut
and gathered together)


Special Notes:


All of the quantifiers above may be singular or
plural. When a quantifier is plural, it refers to
more than one group:

two groves of trees = two groups of trees
growing close together

20 bales of hay = 20 "long cubes" of dried
and tied grass

2.   There are many more special quantifiers used
for groups of animals and insects. The next Hint
will show some of the more unusual (and not
very common) quantifiers for groups of animals.

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