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Nouns #14: Special Names for Groups (#2), by Dennis Oliver

Nouns #14:
Special Names for Groups (#2)


English also has many special quantifiers that are used
with specific countable nouns. Some of these are very
common, while others (even though they are interesting)
are not very well-known and are also not used very often.

Following are a few examples of quantifiers which are
commonly used. This group is for specific animals
and insects.

  quantifier   used with
  a bed of _____   clams, oysters
  a covey [kh-vij]
of _____
  a litter of _____   a group of piglets (baby pigs),
puppies (baby dogs), and kittens
(baby cats) born at the same time.
  a pack of _____   dogs, wolves, coyotes
  a pod of _____   whales
  a pride of _____   lions
  a school of _____   fish
  a swarm of _____   bees, termites, locusts,
any insect that travels in
large groups
  a troop of _____   monkeys, baboons


Special Notes:


All of the quantifiers above may be singular or plural.
When a quantifier is plural, it refers to more than
one group:

three packs of wolves = three groups of wolves

two swarms of bees = two groups of bees

2.   There are many more special quantifiers used for groups
of animals and insects. There are also special quantifiers
which are used for things.

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