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Nouns #9: Uncountable Nouns (Quantifiers #2), by Dennis Oliver

Nouns #9:
Uncountable Nouns (Quantifiers #2)

  Because uncountable nouns in English do not have plurals
and cannot be counted in the normal way, quantifiers
are often used as a way of "measuring" them. Besides basic
quantifiers like some, any, a little, and a lot of and
names of containers in which items are sold, another kind
of container--the one from which items are eaten, drunk,
or served--is also commonly used:
  container (for serving)   uncountable nouns
  a bottle of _____   wine, water
  a bowl of _____   soup, ice cream, spaghetti,
stew, rice, cereal, salad
  a cup of _____   coffee, tea, cocoa, soup
  a carafe of _____   coffee, wine
  a glass of _____   water, wine, (iced) tea,
beer, juice, milk
  a pitcher of _____   iced tea, water, milk, beer
  a plate of _____   spaghetti, pasta
  a pot of _____   coffee, tea

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