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Nouns #6: Irregular Countable Nouns (#2), by Dennis Oliver

Nouns #6:
Irregular Countable Nouns (#2)


Other Irregular Countable Nouns

Two other countable nouns are sometimes a problem
in English: people and news.



The common noun people is often a challenge
because it is always plural:

Those people are my uncle and his children.

The people who live in that house come from Angola.

Today many people use e-mail as their primary means
of communication.

In addition, people is often used as the plural for the
countable noun person (one person, two people) even
though personhas a plural form (persons).



The common noun news is also a challenge because
it seems to be plural (it has a final -s) but, in fact,
it is singular grammatically:

The news from my family is good.

Recently, important news has been received from
their family in Nicaragua.

The news often contains disturbing stories about
violence and crime.

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