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More on "Of" (#4), by Dennis Oliver


Another use for the preposition of is in showing units
for dividing or separating various kinds of materials--
which are often (but not always) uncountable nouns:

an article of clothing

a bale of hay

two bars of soap

a blade of grass

a bunch of bananas

several cloves of garlic

two cubes of sugar

several dollops of cream

an ear of corn

a grain of salt / sand

a head of cabbage / lettuce / cauliflower / broccoli

two helpings of food

a kernel of corn

a length of rope

several links of sausage

two pairs of boots, earrings / glasses / pants / sandals /
shoes / shorts, stockings, etc.

a pat of butter

a piece of bread / candy / cloth / fruit / furniture /
gum / paper / pie / wood, etc.

two servings of food

a slice of bread / pie / cake / meat, etc.

a skein of yarn

several spools of thread

several stalks of celery

a stick of dynamite / gum / butter / margarine

two strips of bacon

a wedge of cheese / pie, etc.

two wheels of cheese




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