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More on "Of" (#3), by Dennis Oliver


The preposition of is used in many ways.Another use is in
combinations of measurements and the items measured:

an acre of land

two cups of flour

a foot of water

a gallon of milk

several inches of rain

an ounce of perfume

a pint of whiskey

a pound of butter

two scoops of ice cream

a tablespoon of sugar

two teaspoons of cinnamon

a ton of coal

several yards of cloth




A related use is in showing containers and the things
which are inside them:

two bags of potato chips

a bowl of soup

a box of candy

two bottles of catsup

a carton of eggs

several cans of corn

a cup of tea

two glasses of water

a jar of pickles

several jugs of wine

a keg of beer

a pack of cigarettes

two packages of gum

a pitcher of lemonade

several pots of coffee

a snifter of brandy

a tin of sardines

two tubes of toothpaste




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