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More on "Of" (#2), by Dennis Oliver


The preposition of is used in many ways--and not only
in possessive expressions. Another use is in showing
authors or creators for works of art:

the choreography of Diaghilev

the photographs of Ansel Adams

the symphonies of Beethoven

the art songs of Schubert

the operas of Puccini

the sculpture of Rodin

the paintings of Picasso

the poems of Robert Frost

the plays of Tennessee Williams

the short stories of O. Henry




Yet another way to use of is in showing origins:

the native peoples of Alaska

the plants of the Amazon Rain Forest

the silver jewelry of the Navajo

the pottery of the Hopi

the pyramids of Egypt

the main cities of Afghanistan

the islands of Indonesia

the languages of China

the capital of Mongolia

Americans of African descent

the Hill Tribes of Laos




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