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Interesting Vocabulary: Animals #6, by Dennis Oliver

Special Names:
Breeds (Kinds) of Cats and Dogs



People in the U.S. are very fond of pets, and the most
common pets in the U.S. are probably
cats and dogs.
There's a lot of information on the WWW about cats
and dogs. If you're interested in learning a bit more
about them, here are two good places to start:


1. Breeds of Cats

  There's a very interesting website is sponsored by the
Cat Fancier's Association. Have you ever heard of
Birman? A Korat? An Ocicat? A Somali? You can
find information on these breeds and many others
by choosing the link below. It lists 39 cat breeds--from
the Abyssinian to the Turkish Van--and has beautiful
pictures and very interesting descriptions.


Here's the Link.


2. Breeds of Dogs

  If you've never heard of an Akita or a Clumber Spaniel
or a
Great Pyrenees or a Pharaoh Hound, you can
learn about them and many other dog breeds by going to
Dog Owner's Network. The link below lists more than
130 kinds of dogs. There are very interesting descriptions
of most breeds, and there are also a lot of pictures.

Here's the Link.

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