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Interesting Vocabulary: Animals #4, by Dennis Oliver


Special Names:
Groups of Animals


English has some very strange names for groups of
particular kinds of animals.

How many of these special names do you know?

 group name


a bed of

clams, oysters

a bevy of


a colony of

 ants, beavers

 a covey of


 a flock of

sheep, goats,
chickens, geese, ducks

 a gaggle of


  a mob of


   a pack of

   dogs, wolves

   a pod of


   a pride of


   a school of


   a swarm of

 bees, termites



Special Notes:


A number or other expression of quantity can also
be used with these special names for groups:

two beds of oysters
several prides of lions
many schools of fish

2.   You can find a list of even more of these special
words at this collective noun page. (Remember,
however, that many of these special group names
are not commonly used.)

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