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Figurative Expressions: as ___ as a(n) ___ (#3), by Dennis Oliver


The very common fixed figurative expression as ___
___ as a(n) ___ is often used in informal conversation.
Here are more examples, comments on meanings, and
notes on how the examples might be used:

as _____ as a(n) _____ (#3)

as heavy as a ton of bricks: very heavy. (A ton is
2,000 pounds--which is very heavy.)

What do you have in your suitcase?
It's as heavy as a ton of bricks! I can
barely lift it!

as light as a feather: very light. (A single feather
usually weighs almost nothing.)

When Bobby was younger, he was as light
as a feather and I could lift him with no
problems at all. As he's grown older and
grown bigger, however, that's all changed.
Now I can't lift him at all!

as poor as a church mouse: very poor; having no
extra money at all.

Please don't ask Tony to donate any money.
He's a very generous fellow, but he's also
as poor as a church mouse and really
doesn't have any money to spare.

as quick as a wink: very quickly; taking almost
no time. ("Wink" means to close one eye very quickly.)

Could you help me move this chair?
I know you don't have much time,
but I promise that we'll be finished
as quick as a wink.

as quiet as a mouse: very quiet.

Yes, you can study with me in my room,
but you'll have to be as quiet as a mouse.
I have to study, too, and I won't be able
to concentrate if there's very much noise.

as rare as hen's teeth: very rare. (describes something
that is very unlikely to happen)

In Phoenix, Arizona it almost never snows
during the winter. Snow in Phoenix is as
rare as hen's teeth.

to be continued . . . . .

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