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Figurative Expressions: as ___ as a(n) ___ (#2), by Dennis Oliver


The very common fixed figurative expression as ___
___ as a(n) ___ is often used in informal conversation.
Here are more examples, comments on meanings, and
notes on how the examples might be used:

as _____ as a(n) _____ (#2)

as drunk as a skunk: very intoxicated.

X embarrassed himself and everyone else
at the party because he was drunk as a
skunk when he arrived.

as easy as pie: very easy; requiring little effort.

  A:   Was the test difficult?
  B:   Certainly not. In fact, it was
as easy as pie.

as fit as a fiddle: very healthy; very fit; in good
physical condition.

I know X was in the hospital for a long
time, but there's nothing wrong with him
now. He's as fit as a fiddle.

as good as gold: valuable and very useful; dependable,
reputable, kind, and having high moral standards.
(When "as good as gold" is used for things, it refers to
a high of value and usefulness. When "as good as gold"
is used for people, it refers to someone who is dependable,
reputable, and kind, and who has high moral standards.

This concert ticket is as good as gold.
If you can't go to the concert, you can
sell it to someone for a high price.

We're very glad we hired Wanda. She's
a very hard and conscientious worker.
We'd recommend her to anyone. She's
as good as gold.

as happy as a lark: very happy; enjoying something
very much.

Gina's son really loves to read. If he has
a new book, he's as happy as a lark.

as hard as a rock: very hard; rigid. ("As hard as
a rock" describes the feeling of something that is
much harder than expected.

This mattress is not very comfortable.
Actually, it's as hard as a rock.

Wow! His stomach muscles are really
developed! In fact, they're as hard as
a rock.

Special Notes:

1.   There is no article (a or an) before "pie"
in "as easy as pie."
2.   Because gold is uncountable, there is also
no article before it in "as good as gold."

to be continued . . . . .

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