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Countries, Adjective Forms, and Nationalities (#2), by Dennis Oliver


The adjective forms for countries and the names for citizens of countries
are often confusing in English. This happens for two reasons. First, there
is no easy way to change a country's name to its adjective form because
several different endings are used for this purpose. Second, the words
for nationalities are often the same as the adjective forms, but not always.

Here is more information on names of countries, their adjective forms,
and the wordsused for their citizens.


Countries, Adjective Forms,
and Nationalities (#2)



The Bahamas   Bahamian    Bahamian
Bahrain   Bahraini   Bahraini
Bangladesh   Bangladesh   Bangladeshi,
Barbados   Barbadian   Barbadian
Belarus   Belarussian   Belarussian
Belgium   Belgian   Belgian
Benin   Beninese   Beninese
Bhutan   Bhutanese   Bhutanese
Bolivia   Bolivian   Bolivian
Bosnia and
Botswana   Motswana (singular),
Batswana (plural)
  Motswana (singular),
Batswana (plural)
Brazil   Brazilian   Brazilian
Brunei   Bruneian   Bruneian 
Bulgaria   Bulgarian   Bulgarian
Burkina Faso   Burkinabe   Burkinabe
Burundi   Burundi   Burundian

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