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Countries, Adjective Forms, and Nationalities (#1), by Dennis Oliver



The adjective forms for countries and the names for citizens of countries
are often confusing in English. This happens for two reasons. First, there
is no easy way to change a country's name to its adjective form because
several different endings are used for this purpose. Second, the words
for nationalities are often the same as the adjective forms, but not always.

This series of Hints will give the following information for many countries:
country name, adjective form, and word used for a country's citizens.


Countries, Adjective Forms,
and Nationalities (#1)



Afghanistan   Afghan    Afghanistani
Albania   Albanian   Albanian
Algeria   Algerian   Algerian
Andorra   Andorran   Andorran
Angola   Angola   Angolan
Antigua and Barbuda   Antiguan (general)
  Antiguan (general)
Argentina   Argentinian,
Armenia   Armenian   Armenian
Australia   Australian   Australian
Austria   Austrian   Austrian
Azerbaijan   Azerbaijani   Azerbaijani

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